Anne Drager

creo ergo sum


New Works

Ceres Gallery
New York City

MAy 26- june 20, 2020

Much content is autobiographical depicting herself as the artist at work and numerous portraits of her husband Lee Minoff, a writer and analyst. Her style straddles between illustration and cartoon and is sprinkled with traces of art history. Her portraits of Lee Minoff won honorable mention under jurors Robert Storr, former dean of the Yale Art School, and from Instagram-Celebrity curator Jia Jia Fei, director of Digital at the Jewish Museum. Drager’s work has been rented for props by the TV Show “The Affair."

She says about her art: “My journey is one from art appreciation to art making and it continuously provides new destinations of healing, learning, discovery and contemplation. Hence, my art is a tool for living."

All proceeds from the sale will be donated to Middle Collegiate Church in New York City.